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    Fabulous Hair Color, highlites, Balayage and Haircuts

    by Jackie at Mosaic Salon in Las Vegas...want

    to be a Sexy Blonde? Stunning Brunette? Or a

    Fiery Redhead? Let Jacqueline at Mosaic Salon

    make your amazing haircolor or highlites

    and fabulous haircut become a reality.....

    Have you dreamed of finding a stylist who knows exactly what you want and can achieve your wishes every time you visit the salon?? Jacqueline M. is that and more.

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  • * Partial Highlight 55-75

  • * Full Highlight 75-110

  • * Single Process 45-65

  • * Double Process (all over color) 65-85

  • * Glosser(for shine and/or color too) 25-35

  • * Bleach only 55-75

  • * Bleach & Tone 75-90

  • * Extension prices vary on length, brand and volume. This is a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay.

    Great Lengths- 1200-1800 (20+ inches and longer will be an increase in price)...also called "fusion, bonded, keratin tip"


    Chinese Remy Hair (909)-800-1000


    Nordic Hair-750-1300 (also called tape-in)

    There are many, many choices and alternatives when it comes to hair extensions. The most accurate way to find out what you are candidate for is to come in for a quick consultation.

    *corrective color prices quoted by consultation

Extension Deposit

Extension Deposit

Service Gratuity