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Nearly 10 years of product development has gone in to the creation of our unique attachment and removal process. The goal? To develop a new hair system that was safe for our clients, efficient for our stylists and versatile enough for almost every kind of hair imaginable. And of course, it had to leave our clients' hair looking more beautiful than ever!

The result?

NORDIC HAIR IS QUICK & EASY! A Certified Nordic Hair stylist can install a complete set in 45 minutes. Removal can take as little as 15 minutes! Hair extensions often take several hours to attach and several more hours to remove.

Step 1 Create a clean part and place a section of NORDIC HAIR with the tape side up below the parting Pull the parted hair down and press on to the first section of NORDIC HAIR.

Step 2 Place a 2nd section of NORDIC HAIR with the tape-side down on top of the first section to form a "sandwich".

Step 3 Firmly press the two sections of NORDIC HAIR together to make sure they hold. NORDIC HAIR will stay in place until removed by the stylist.

NORDIC HAIR IS UNDETECTABLE! Do you want strangers walking up to you and asking: Hey, how do you like your extensions? We know you donít. When properly installed and maintained, Nordic Hair is 99% invisible. Now, all you will hear is: Your hair looks beautiful. NORDIC HAIR WONíT LEAVE HAIR THIN OR DAMAGED! Our unique installation and attachment process distributes the weight of our product evenly onto the clientís natural hair. When Nordic Hair is removed, the clientís natural hair will remain unchanged instead of damaged, thin or distressed.

Who does it?

NORDIC HAIR IS FOR EVERYONE! Unlike hair extensions, the Nordic Hair Fashion System does more than create length. It is a fashion tool that will inspire even the most accomplished hairstylist: Nordic Hair adds volume and texture for thin or damaged hair It will add color for those looking to add highlights or depth without the use of chemical treatments It gives innovative stylists the opportunity to create exciting new effects for all hair colors and hair types, whether short, long, straight or wavy. The number of uses for Nordic Hair is limited only by the stylistís imagination and skill!